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Why Is Washer Water Level Too Low?

fridge-repair-service-ottawaMost contemporary washers have programmable settings. These appliances have become quite smart, and can determine the requisite water level for a given load. There is also a default water level in almost all washers. If the water level in washer is low, then it could be due to a failing component or some kind of blockage. Inadvertent errors by users may also lead to a low water level. You must choose the right modes and spin cycles for a given load of clothing, also depending on the type of apparel you are washing. Call Max Washer Repair Ottawa if your water level in washer is low. We offer same-day service in Ottawa, including inspection and repair.

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Inspect the Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve regulates the inflow. If there is any kind of blockage, then the inlet valve would not be able to enable sufficient inflow of water. If there is no blockage at all, then you must check the water supply. If there is insufficient pressure or the supply is clogged for some reason, then you must address that first. A blocked or clogged water inlet valve must be cleaned and fixed. If it is broken, then we can replace the inlet valve onsite during our washer repair in Ottawa.


Check the Fill Sensor

The fill sensor is responsible for allowing sufficient water into the appliance till it is at the requisite level. This could be the default capacity. The fill level may be changed depending on the load. If the fill sensor fails, or is malfunctioning to an extent, then there may be more or less water inside the appliance. A broken-fill sensor has to be replaced. There is no other remedy. If there is a circuitry related issue, and the fill sensor is not receiving electricity, hence failing to communicate with the central board, then the wiring or related components can be looked into.


Look for Leaks

appliance repair expertA leaking washer will always have a problem with the water level. The leakage could be in real time as the washer runs. There may be deferred or infrequent leakage. Any unusual blockage or leakage would affect the filling, and hence your water level in washer could be low. We can fix all leakages.


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