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When one of your household appliances gives trouble, it can be enough to upset your plans for the day. Fortunately, with Max Appliance Repair just a phone call away, your fridge, washer, oven, or other home appliance will be repaired in no time. Regardless of the make, model, or the problem, our team has the experience and training to fix your appliances quickly. From Whirlpool and Bosch to Samsung, LG, and many more, we understand the inner workings of all household appliance brands. With us, you can be sure that you will enjoy the best service at the best prices!


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Why call Max Appliance Repair?

  • We always arrive with the necessary tools and parts to perform repairs right away.
  • Same day Nepean appliance repairs mean that your appliance will be ready to use again promptly.
  • Our trained and experienced appliance repair experts in Ottawa are able to work quickly to repair all household appliances.
  • Every appliance repair comes with a free service call to keep costs as low as possible.
  • Our family-owned company cares about offering the best level of service by focusing on integrity, speedy service, and reliability.
  • Your satisfaction is our main concern, and we always focus on performing high-quality repairs that will last, as well as a warranty of up to 3 months on most parts.


Same Day Appliance Repairs in Nepean

Max Appliance Repair offers same day service throughout Nepean. We work on all household appliances of every brand, and we understand the importance of getting your fridge, oven, dishwasher, or other appliance back up and running.


Appliance Repairs You Can Rely on

When you call us, you can expect speedy service, affordable prices, and repairs that will last. We will arrive the same day and prepared with the tools and various parts to perform repairs on the spot.

Trained Appliance Repair Professionals

dryer repair

Each of our appliance repair technicians has both the training and experience needed to complete fast, high-quality repairs. We work on all brands and models and, thanks to our experience and training, we ensure that all repairs are carried out with professional precision.

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Stove Repairs
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    Fridge Repair Frequently Asked Questions

    Of all the appliances in your home, your fridge is most likely the most important of all. When your fridge breaks down, it’s best to call professionals without delay. Here are some commonly asked questions about fridge repairs.

    Q: What to do when my fridge breaks?
    A: The first thing to remember is to keep the door or doors shut on your fridge. Check the power supply and outlet for any problems. If there are no problems, check the temperature setting on your fridge. If you are unable to diagnose the problem through one of these potential causes, contact a professional right away.

    Q: It’s easy to fix my fridge myself, right?
    A: Unless you are a trained repair specialist, repairing your fridge yourself is time-consuming and it can be even more costly than hiring a professional. On top of this, if you attempt the repairs yourself, your work will not be covered by any kind of guarantee.

    Q: What is that odd noise coming from my fridge?
    A: There are a number of noises that you are bound to hear when your fridge is running and many of them are normal. If you hear a sudden strange noise or if your fridge becomes particularly loud, call a technician urgently to prevent possible further damage to the appliance.
    washer repair service

    Q: Is there anything I should do before calling a professional?
    A: When you notice that your washer is not working, you should check the power and water supplies before calling a technician. If there are no problems with the water or electric supply, call a technician to perform professional repairs.

    Q: How long will it take for a technician to arrive?
    A: Since you probably have at least one load of laundry to do, our team will ensure that somebody arrives to diagnose and repair your washer that same day.

    Q: Who should repair my washer?
    A: DIY repairs can cause serious delays and increased repair costs. Hiring a professional ensures that the job is done fast and right. You will also enjoy a guarantee on the work completed.


    Dryer Repair Frequently Asked Questions

    Your dryer is another essential appliance when it comes to your regular laundry duties. Read below to learn the answers to some of the most commonly asked dryer repair questions.


    Q: Why does my dryer get too hot?
    A: If your dryer is getting hotter than it should, it is best to avoid using it and call a professional right away. Using a dryer that overheats is a fire risk and you should only use your dryer again once the repairs are complete.

    Q: When will a Max Appliance Repair technician arrive?
    A: We offer same day service throughout Nepean which means that you can expect us to arrive on the day you call.

    Q: Why is my dryer not tumbling?
    A: Tossing your laundry around is important for even heat distribution. If your dryer drum is not turning, call a technician to diagnose and repair this issue. There could be a minor or major mechanical part to blame.


    Dishwasher Repair Frequently Asked Questions

    Our team is familiar with the inner workings of all dishwashers. No matter the problem or the brand of your dishwasher, we will ensure that it is promptly restored to working order. Here are a few commonly asked dishwasher repair questions and answers.

    Q:What is that odd sound coming from my dishwasher?
    A: Your dishwasher will make some noise when in use. If you notice a loud noise or a strange sound, it could be some parts touching that should not touch. It could also mean that a dish has broken and some debris is rattling around. Check your dishwasher for any such debris and make sure that it was not loaded incorrectly. If the problem is not visible, contact a dishwasher repair expert for professional assistance.

    Q: What is the cause of my dishwasher leak?
    A: The first thing to check is the hoses. Look for signs of wear and tear as well as poor connections. If you cannot find the problem, you should call a technician to get to the bottom of this issue.

    Q: Should I try to repair my dishwasher on my own?
    A: DIY repairs are tempting because many people think that they can save money and time. This is not the case and there are a number of risks when it comes to this approach. It’s also not advisable since your own work will not be guaranteed. Call a professional instead.

    Stove Repair Frequently Asked Questions

    When you need speedy stove repairs, you might have a number of questions. Here are some common questions that may come up when such repairs are necessary.

    Q: How long will it take to fix my stove?
    A: We understand that you need your stove in working order sooner rather than later. This is why we offer same day service and we always come prepared to get right to work. We do everything in our power to complete repairs on the spot.

    Q: Why is my gas stove failing to ignite?
    A: If your gas stove will not ignite, it could be due to a lack of gas or no spark. Check your gas supply and ignition spark. If there are no problems in these areas, call a technician for assistance.

    Q: Why is my electric stove not maintaining the set temperature?
    A: It could be something as simple as a faulty knob or something more complex. Either way, it’s best to have a professional diagnose and perform repairs.


    Oven Repair Frequently Asked Questions

    A faulty oven requires fast repairs, and our technicians at Max Appliance Repair understand the urgency. Here are some common questions and answers.

    Q: Why does my oven not turn on?
    A: If you have a gas oven, you will need to check your gas supply. If you have an electric oven, you should check your electric supply. If there is no fault with the gas or electricity, contact a technician to check the inner workings for faulty parts or wiring issues.

    Q:Can I use my oven while waiting for repairs?
    A: Even if you consider the problem to be minor, it is best not to use your oven while waiting for a technician. Not only do you run the risk of further damage, but you also make it difficult for the technician to work on your oven if it’s hot when they arrive.

    Q: Why does my oven have a strange smell?
    A: Your oven might smell strange if the interior becomes lined with grime and grease. This grease can smell quite bad especially when using your oven.



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