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Urgent Appliance Repairs

At Max Appliance Repair Ottawa, we understand how much you depend on household appliances like your fridge, stove, and dishwasher. When one or more of these break down, speedy repairs are essential which is where our same day appliance repair in Stittsville comes in. Regardless of the make or model, you can depend on us to arrive quickly to perform expert repairs right away. You can rely on us for same-day washer, stove, dryer, oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator repairs. From Samsung and Whirlpool to LG, Bosch, and more, we repair them all!
Apart from the fact that our team is vastly experienced, we also guarantee that every customer enjoys speedy, courteous, and professional service.

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Why Choose Max Repair Appliances?

  • Our same day appliance repairs in Stittsville mean that you will have full use of your appliance sooner rather than later.
  • Our team dependably arrives with parts and tools needed to repair faulty appliances on the spot.
  • Your satisfaction is our number one goal, which is the reason we concentrate on performing quality repairs at an affordable rate and offer a warranty of up to 3 months for most parts.
  • Our technicians are prepared and experienced which enables us to work rapidly on all home appliances.
  • Our clients enjoy a free service call with all appliance repairs which helps minimize expenses.
  • Our appliance repair business is family-owned, and our core values include honesty, quality repairs, and speedy assistance.


Same Day Stittsville Household Appliance Repairs

Regardless of where you are in Stittsville, our group realizes that appliance repairs are a pressing issue. This is the reason we offer same day repairs all through the area. No matter the make or model, our technicians will arrive ready to repair it on the spot.


Trustworthy Appliance Repairs

Aside from focusing on performing quick repairs at reasonable rates, we also concentrate on ensuring that every Stittsville client enjoys high-quality service and repairs that will last. You can depend on us to perform reliable repairs with your needs our main priority.

Experienced Appliance Repair Technicians

dryer repair

For the best appliances repairs in Stittsville, contact Max Appliance Repair. Our technicians are professionally trained and experienced in performing repairs on all home appliances of every brand and model. Our training and experience enable us to perform repairs with impressive accuracy.

Refrigerator Repairs
Stove Repairs
Oven Repairs
Dishwasher Repairs
Washer Repairs
Dryer Repairs

 Contact us at (613) 518-2177 for expert appliance repairs.


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    Fridge Repair FAQs

    Since your refrigerator is such a fundamental appliance in your house, it’s essential to have an experienced technician conduct repairs. When you require refrigerator repairs, you will most likely have a couple of questions. Here are some common questions and answers.

    Q: What to do when I notice that my fridge is no longer running?
    A: The very first thing to do when you see your refrigerator not running is to check the power supply. If you find that there are any issues with the power supply, you might have no need for repairs but rather an electriction. Resolve the power supply issue before checking your fridge once more. In the event that there is no power supply issue, the best thing to do is to call one of our technicians for quick, proficient repairs. Keep your refrigerator shut to maintain the temperature while waiting for repairs.

    Q: When will my fridge be running again?
    A: At Max Appliance Repair, we offer same day household repairs through the GTA, including Stittsville. We offer same day refrigerator repairs in Stittsville to ensure that our clients are not unnecessarily inconvenienced.

    Q: Isn’t it faster and less expensive to repair my fridge myself?
    A: Some may think that DIY fridge repairs are quicker and less expensive. This is not necessarily the case since numerous issues are difficult to diagnose without proper training and experience. DIY repairs may even wind up costing more since you could cause more harm and it could take longer as well.


    Dishwasher Repair FAQs

    No matter the model or make of your dishwasher, fast repairs are critical. Nobody wants to wash a sink full of dishes by hand every single night. Since you may have various questions in regards to dishwasher repairs, here are a few common questions and answers.

    Q: How soon will a technician be at my door?
    A: Max Appliance Repair technicians arrive the same day to perform Stittsville dishwasher repairs on all makes and models. We perform proficient repairs immediately so that you can enjoy the use of your dishwasher once again.

    Q: When will my dishwasher be repaired?
    A: Our same day appliance repairs mean that our technicians will arrive the day you call. What’s more, we arrive with parts and tools to repair your dishwasher right away.

    Q: Should I endeavor dishwasher repairs myself?
    A: You may think that you are helping our technicians by stripping your dishwasher before they arrive. This could actually aggravate the issue, and you could cause extra harm. Little parts could get lost, and it’s best to sit tight and wait for us to arrive to determine the cause of the problem and perform prompt repairs. What’s more, any repairs you perform yourself will not be covered by a guarantee.


    Stove Repair FAQs

    When you require urgent stove repairs, and you have a couple of questions, you may find the following information helpful. If you don’t find your question below, feel free to call our helpful team for assistance.

    Q: How long do stove repairs take?
    A: Since Stittsville locals lead busy lives, time is always important. This is the reason we offer same day repairs, and we stock our vans with parts and tools to finish repairs on the spot.

    Q: When will a technician arrive?
    A: We understand that you depend on your stove which is the reason we offer same day stove repairs all through Stittsville.

    Q: How to guarantee that I’m getting the best technician?
    A: It can be tough to choose the best technician which is why it’s essential to search for one with a positive reputation, experience, certifications, and services offered at reasonable rates.


    Oven Repair FAQs

    When your oven breaks, it can send anyone into a bit of a panic. Before you do, call us for quick oven repairs in Stittsville. When faced with an oven repair, you will probably have a couple of questions. Here are some FAQs and our team is also happy to answer any further queries you may have.

    Q: When will some person land to repair my oven?
    A: Since time is such a critical factor, we offer same day oven repairs all through Stittsville. You can depend on Max Appliance Repair for rapid assistance!

    Q: When will my oven be ready to use?
    A: We arrive that day and, in addition, we come prepared! Our vans are loaded with tools and parts that enable us to finish most repairs on the spot.

    Q: Can I utilize my oven while waiting for a technician?
    A: Regardless of the problem, using a faulty oven can pose a number of risks. Wait for our technicians to complete repairs before using your oven again.


    Washer Repair FAQs

    When you require fast and reliable washer repairs, you may have a few questions. Here are some FAQs and we encourage you to call us should you require any more assistance.

    Q: What to do before contacting a technician?
    A: If you notice any issues with your washer, you should check your water and power supplies first. In the event that there are no issues with these, a technician should be called to performing repairs.

    Q: How long will repairs take to complete?
    A: When you require washer repairs, you probably have a fair amount of laundry to do. All the more reason to hurry with those repairs! Our team of technicians will arrive that same day, and our objective is to complete proficient repairs right then and there.

    Q: Who ought to perform washer repairs?
    A: DIY repairs are never advisable. Regardless of whether you have a neighbor who is a DIY enthusiast, or you view yourself as to be capable, all appliances should be professionally fixed. Professional repairs are faster, more reliable, and backed by a guarantee to set your mind at ease.


    Dryer Repair FAQs

    Like your washer, you will probably just notice an issue with your dryer when you have at least one load of laundry to do. Read below to find out the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

    Q: When will a repair technician arrive?
    A: Max Appliance Repair technicians offer same day dryer repairs all through Stittsville. When you call us, we always make your needs an urgent priority.

    Q: When will my dryer be repaired?
    A: We understand that you need your dryer in working order as soon as possible. This is the reason we arrive arranged with tools and parts to begin repairs as soon as we arrive.

    Q: Can I utilize my dryer while awaiting repairs?
    A: Regardless of the nature of the problem, it’s never advisable to utilize a broken dryer. It can increase the risk of fire and result in further damage to your dryer. Instead, wait for our team to arrive and complete reliable repairs.


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