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Why Can’t I Adjust Heat On Stove?

fridge-repair-service-ottawaStoves use different types of regulating mechanisms, enabling you to adjust the heat. Some stoves can regulate the temperature down to a precise degree, or even further. Some stoves have a range of heat adjustability. The exact reason why you can’t adjust the heat on stove shall partly depend on this mechanism. Call Max Stove Repair for same-day inspection and service anywhere in Ottawa.

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Check the Regulator

Heat is adjusted with the help of a regulator. This regulator could be an old school knob or switch. There may be a control panel with touch sensors. There may be a combination of these access points. Regardless of how you regulate the heat, there is a thermostat and a sensor to do the job. If the regulator is unable to trigger the sensor and subsequently the thermostat, then you can’t adjust the heat on stove. The continuity of the circuitry must be tested. Power flow should be checked. The regulator or control panel should be inspected as well.


Defects in Circuit

While the regulator or controls could be flawed or broken, there may also be a few defects in the circuit. The circuitry could be broken or interrupted. The sensors may have malfunctioned. The thermostat may be down. Once it is ascertained that the regulator, switch, or control panel is working fine, it is necessary to check the entire circuit. All potential glitches should be inspected for.


Broken Heating Element

appliance repair expertYour stove may have an old-school burner or a contemporary coil as the heating element. Any type of heating element can malfunction. It may or may not be completely broken down. There could be a connectivity problem. There may be partial or substantial damage. Replacing the heating element is one option. If there are related or associated problems, then those should be looked into and the appropriate remedy must be chosen.

A stove may have one or more problems at any given point in time. Our technicians can inspect the problems onsite, and complete stove repair on the same day, anywhere you are in Ottawa. Call for a free and nonobligatory quote.


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