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Why Fresh Food Compartment Warming Up?

The fresh food compartment in your fridge is supposed to be slightly warmer than the other compartments and shelves. Fresh food can suffer burns if they are exposed to extreme temperatures. Unless fresh foods are being frozen instantly, inside a blast freezer, they should not be subjected to very cold temperature. But, if your fresh food compartment is warming up, more than necessary or expected, then you should take corrective measures immediately.

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Check the Settings

Is your fresh food compartment warming up or the entire fridge is slightly warmer than usual? If the latter is the case, then you should check the settings. Reduce the temperature and observe for a while. Check the compartment again, and if it is still warming up while the rest of the fridge is cooling, then look at the damper.


Check the Damper

The damper is your airflow regulator for the fresh food compartment. Toggle it, see if it is stuck, restore its positioning if needed, and ensure sufficient cold air flows into the fresh food compartment. There could be other blockages as well. Look for food debris or grime buildup in the damper, and other vents.


Check the Thermostat

This is a complicated task. The thermostat may be underperforming. This could be due to a faulty sensor. A broken thermostat should affect overall cooling as well, but the fresh food compartment warming up is an indicator to test various electrical, electronic, and mechanical components of the entire appliance.

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Many other issues can cause the fresh food compartment to warm up. You may be placing hot or warm foods inside the fridge. You may be introducing moist or wet packets, which would increase the humidity inside the appliance. There may be a leaky gasket, or some fitting problem of the door. Cold air leak can cause warming up. Irrespective of the problem you may encounter, our technicians can carry out an extensive diagnosis and recommend fitting solutions.

We can attend to fridge repair in Ottawa on the same day, including replacement of broken parts. Our technicians get the job done onsite.


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