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Why is My Dishwasher Leaking?

fridge-repair-service-ottawaThe first step to take when your dishwasher is leaking is to stop the appliance. If the leak is nominal, then you may grab a few towels and try to contain the pooling. If the leak is substantial, then turning off the appliance is a safer option. The second step is to figure out the source of the leak, and then the cause. If you are unable to access the dishwasher and thus cannot detect the cause of the leak, call Max Dishwasher Repair for swift inspection and same-day service in Ottawa.

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Where is the Leak?

A dishwasher may leak through the door. There could be a leak in the rear. You may find some water pooling under the appliance, but the leak is unlikely to be anywhere from the bottom, unless the model has an outlet there. A leak from the front usually indicates a problem with the gasket. A leak from the rear usually pertains to the drain hose, or the outlet.


The Gasket is Leaking

Often, it is actually the gasket that is the problem when a dishwasher is leaking. The gasket serves as the seal. If there is any gap or hole, any kind of leak or the seal is ineffective, then water may leak out. This could get worse when you load too many items in the appliance, and use a generous quantity of cleaning agent. Some detergents and water softeners produce excessive lather. Excess suds can create more pressure inside the dishwasher, and some may leak out. A broken gasket must be replaced. A grime laden gasket should be cleaned and serviced, and then you should test for leaks.


The Latch is Broken

appliance repair expertIn some cases, a broken latch could lead to a leak. Many dishwasher models would not allow the door to be properly locked if the latch is broken. This would prevent you from starting the appliance. However, the latch may not be entirely broken. It could be faulty. Minor defects may allow the appliance to operate, but the leak can happen nonetheless. If your dishwasher is leaking due to a broken latch, then the component must be replaced immediately.

The most common causes are malfunctioning valves, broken pump seal, clogged outlet hose, leveling issue pertaining to the sink drain, or a combination of several failed parts.


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